Materials Handled

Simply put PARC is equipped to purchase and sell plastics of all types or plastic in all forms and all conditions. We could not possibly list everything so feel free to contact us if you are not certain about a material.

Virgin, repro, regrind, rolls, purges, drool, lumps, performs, bottles, sheets, pallets, film, fiber and other parts. We handle post industrial, post commercial, and post consumer materials #1-#7.

#1 PET , Including dirty pre washed bottle regrinds
#2 HDPE , Including used pallets and HMW HDPE parts trays
#3 PVC , Including all flexible grades
#4 LDPE , Including LLDPE used Stretch film

#5 PP
, Including used or damaged bulk bag AKA super sacks
#6 PS , Including GPPS, Crystal Styrene, MIPS, and HIPS
#7 other , Including but not limited to Nylon, PC, PC/ABS, Acrylic, PBT, SAN, ASA, POM (Acetal), TPE, TPO, ABS, and mixed material floor sweeps
Services Offered

PARC Corporation offers almost any recycling service imaginable! Contact a sales or purchasing agent for more detailed information regarding our customized service plans for plastic manufactures and plastic buyers. Let PARC show you what years of a proven track record, a diverse business model, and a well appointed professional staff can do for you!

Recycling, purchasing, and sales of all plastics including post consumer, post commercial, post industrial, and even contaminated or dirty materials.

Customized recycling plans tailored to meet the needs of any manufacture, local collector, or buyer.

Professional world wide transportation of plastic materials complimented by a comprehensive national listing of house truckers and brokers, house trailers, multiple service contracts with ocean carriers, ^on site ̄ equipment pool and documentation services. If we cannot find a way to pick it up or send it to you no one can!

Providing trailer or overseas containers dropped on site, to be picked up later.

An onsite certified 70¨ truck scale to insure accurate weights

Setting up or providing on site balers, grinders, choppers, or shredders.

Handling multiple materials or multiple loads in quantities ranging from a few thousand pounds to millions of pounds.

Custom toll grinding, material identification and baling.

Prompt payments and deliveries in all range of situation. (Dun and Bradstreet # 95-631-1179).

PARC Corporation offers these and more services plus we have the ability to add new and custom services as needed, to meet the needs of any company from all sides of the plastics industry. PARC Corporation is committed to having the best customer service possible, so contact one of our purchasing or sale associates and see the PARC difference for your self!

PARC(USA)Corporation: 1415 Enterprise road, Romeoville IL 60446, USA Telephone: 001-815-3723500 Facsimile: 001-815-3723400 Email: