Questions asked by sellers!

Q: What kind of scrap does PARC purchase?

A: We purchase any type of plastic in any form, including post-industrial, post-commercial, and post consumer materials. We also purchase additional recoverable items such as floor sweeps, contaminated materials, shipping crates, pallets, and damaged bulk bags.

Q: I do not know anything about recycling or plastics and I do not know if any of my waste stream is recyclable, can you help me?

A: We often help our vendors, even those with previous recycling experience, identify many items they may be throwing away that are recyclable and have value.

Q: What quantities do you buy?

A: We usually purchase truck load quantities, but depending on the situation we can purchase from several thousand pounds of material to forty thousand pounds.

Q: Can several different items be included on the same load?

A: PARC has the ability to receive truck loads that contain a variety of materials of different quality.

Q: What form of materials does PARC purchase?

A: Any form, including parts, purge, logs, trim waste, film rolls, bottles, bales of material, regrind, and left over virgin or obsolete resins.

Questions asked by buyers!

Q: Does PARC sell their plastics world wide?

A: You bet we service customers in all areas world wide. We will find a way to get you what you need on time.

Q: What kinds of packaging does PARC offer?

A: The type of packaging depends on the needs of the customer and what packaging that varying types of materials come in, please contact a sales associate for more detailed information.

Q: Can pictures and samples be sent for testing and approval of all the plastics PARC sells?

A: Yes, remember we purchase materials to be used for our own products, so we would never sell anything we havení»t sampled first!

Q: Can I purchase less or more then truck load quantities?

A: PARC sells quantities from a few Gaylord boxes to several million pounds.

Q: Does PARC guarantee their plastic materials?

A: We do guarantee our materials as to what they are represented as by our sales staff. (We are very careful to describe our products in detail. If you need additional information, samples, or have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.)

Please contact a sales or purchasing associate today to answer all of your questions!

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