Date:1/21/2015 4:12:39 PM

PARC Corporation USA Expanding to Wisconsin



PARC Corporation USA is spearheading a massive expansion project. Our new facility in Oshkosh, WI is scheduled to begin operating in January of 2015, servicing Northern Midwest U.S. manufacturers and International customers focusing on flexible packaging and thermoforming materials.


The new location is fully equipped to promote and execute Zero-landfill in close proximity for manufacturers and suppliers who require a spot trailer and especially for those who have an onsite compactor or dumpster. By expanding to the Fox Valley area more than 10 manufacturing plants will benefit from PARC’s new facility while creating a cleaner yet safer environment in recycling up to 30 million pounds or more of material that was once destined for incineration and the landfill.  


PARC has a responsibility as global citizens to contribute to the well-being of planet Earth, with adhering to “Zero-landfill”, and ensuring sustainability in all of our endeavors. Also by partnering with many corporations worldwide to assist with their recycling needs, PARC has developed the technology for “un-recyclable” materials to be recycled. PARC Corporation strives to go green and stay clean for a landfill free environment. “Recycling for the Future”

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